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The Powder Diffraction File™ databases are licensed, copyrighted databases. In order to purchase an ICDD database license, an end-user must purchase the license directly through the ICDD or place an order directly through one of our licensed distributors.

Pricing and Products – 

The prices and products listed herein supersede all others previously published and are subject to change without notice. ICDD reserves the right to modify or discontinue any product at its discretion. Contact our Customer Service Department for the most recent product information and pricing.

PLEASE NOTE: Customers in Japan and Korea must order ICDD products through an ICDD licensed distributor. This does not apply to ICDD clinics, conferences, or workshops.

Due to events in Eastern Europe and sanctions put in place by the US and international governments,
ICDD has suspended the sale of ICDD databases and software to the Russian Federation until further notice.