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Product Overview

PDF-2 2024

Phase Identification + Value

PDF-2 2024 is the most cost-effective license! PDF-2 features a FREE stand-alone option using ICDD’s integrated data-mining software, along with ICDD’s search-indexing software, SIeve.  Designed for inorganic materials analyses, PDF-2 also includes common organic materials from ICDD to facilitate rapid materials identification.

You can trust your diffraction data to ICDD. All ICDD databases are reviewed, edited, and standardized prior to publication. You can be confident with PDF-2 to get you the right answer.

  • PDF-2 2024 features 349,700+ entries for rapid and accurate phase identification.
  • The PDF-2 database is licensed for five (5) years and offers the highest value in the global marketplace. This value is due to its low annual cost amortized over the lifetime of the license, combined with its large content of powder and single crystal powder data, and its high level of quality with embedded software for data mining and search-indexing.
  • Quality and subfile filters combined with 73 different searches and 59 display fields enable you to target your results for more accurate identification. The database is not just a collection of numbers; it is a sophisticated data analysis tool.

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Now available as a cloud download!

Due to events in Eastern Europe and sanctions put in place by the US and international governments,
ICDD has suspended the sale of ICDD databases and software to the Russian Federation until further notice.